Friday, June 29, 2012

New as new :)

Wow what a beautiful day this is that God has given us! I love how He is in everything everywhere! This has been a fairly busy week of work in the church, clinic, and at school at Ringroad. God has been weaving me and the other people here in an out of people lives, who for just a moment, we share the same world. On Sunday, the Ringroad pastor, George, along with Cody, Tom, and I went to a rural church in the moutains. It was Maemba Church of Christ. The church was on a small plot of land that a family had bought and donated, so that God could be worshipped. The nearest town was about 20 minutes away. We doubled up on some piki pikis, aka motorbikes, and made our way up and down the steep, winding roads. We were greeted, drank delicious chai tea, and then went to worship. After presenting a special song in Kiswahili, Cody and George preached the message, and then we ate lunch, and passed out several clothing items that some sweet ladies sewed and sent from America. They were very grateful, and we were all filled with joy of the Holy Spirit.

For the rest of the week, I have been working in the health clinic mainly. There are many illnesses that pass through, mainly children. I got to help Sister Dolphin, one of the nurses, give immunizations to many of the babies on Wed. and Thurs, as I will do almost every week.

On Thursday, I also had the opportunity to share with a lady who had been studying with other Kenyan friends about baptism and tie up some loose ends. We got to baptize our new sister, Beatrice, a few hours ago in Lake Victoria. Praise God for the advancement of His Kingdom here. People are so hungry for the hope that we often forget about. Remember what Jesus did for you today! I love you all in Him and miss you much. Thanks for your prayers, and please keep Kenya, the missionaries, Ringroad, and CRF in your prayers.

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