Sunday, July 8, 2012

God knows

This week I asked the kids in class 7 at Ringroad Orphange Day School to help me with something...

Two or three days every week the voluntary counseling therapy (VCT) team go out into the community and meet with the HIV/AIDS patients in Nyalenda. The gatherings range in group size from 10 people to sometimes 30. The diversity of the group is quite amazing in that the ages range from ladies in there early 20's all the way to grandmothers and grandfathers who may be in their 80's. They gather together, read scripture, and share their joys and sorrows that come with the disease. Every single one of them is precious and inspiring. I went out with the group this week, and got to share a message about the powerful tool God gave us to ask for help, prayer. I was truly humbled and blessed in getting to share with these people who inspired me with their determination to live their lives fully trusting in God's provisions in spite of their health issues.

So what does this have to do with the favor that I asked of the kids? Well... I asked class 7 if they would write some personal notes of encouragement to the people in the groups. I received 28 letters of pure kindness and love from these kids with uplifting and wonderful messages! They are so sweet :) . I haven't been involved much with the kids since I work mainly in the health clinic, and so I was unsure of what they would say. However, I did not want to script their words. I read all of the notes.

   "God loves you so much"                           "Trust in His promises"                       "Don't give up"                                     
                                  "We love you"                                  "You are so important to us"
                "This is not the end"                        "We need you"                           "God is in control"

 These were a few of the themes in every note. How wonderful is that??? My heart twisted as I read because more than I ever would know, these kids know exactly what the people in the groups are facing. They understand that many people are tempted to take their lives. They understand the financial burdens that are magnified. They understand that they feel worthless because society tells them that is what they are if they are positive. They understand that they are weak and overcome with physical duties that they can no longer do. They understand that many feel that God has abandoned them.  They understand because they are orphans who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS...

It will be so amazing next time I get to go out with the team and deliver the notes. Praise God that He didn't leave us here without any hope. Our hope is our Savior, and these fighters will be victorious in Christ Jesus the day our Heaven Father takes them home. Father knows exactly how they feel, and what they need. These are His chosen, holy, and beloved children regardless of age.

Please continue to pray everyday. God gave us the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts, hands, feet, and words; and also He gave us prayer. Even if you are someplace else, you can pray. These are prayers that He HEARS and ANSWERS.

 "We do not have because we do not ask..." sound familiar? Check out what the book of James has to say about prayer. I love you all, and am praying for you also.  Be blessed in Christ!

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