Monday, January 27, 2014

Special in His Sight

It's 2014 now. I went to Kenya in the summer of 2012. This never got posted, but I wanted to go ahead and share. Enjoy :)

     I know at some points of life you have had your ups and downs. Please dear, remember God is always with you! NEVER GIVE UP! God loves you very much. Try to live your lives to the fullest.
     This is not the end of the road for you. We STILL need you very much! You are our guardians in our day to day life. 
                           I love you so much! YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US!!!
                                                                                                From: Heema

Up above is one of the many letters that the students of class 7 at Ringroad Orphanage Day School wrote today. On Tuesday, I went out into the community with the voluntary counseling therapy (VCT) team to speak to members of the HIV/AIDS infected people. The group meets regularly 2-3 times a week to encourage each other in the Lord and discuss difficulties. They share in their struggles, pain, fears, and also in their joys and triumphs.Ranging from young mothers in their twenties to elderly grandfathers and grandmothers, the group's diversity reveals the impact of HIV/AIDS in the Nyalenda slum.

I asked the students of class 7 if they could do a special favor for me. The task was to write many notes of encouragement to the members of the HIV/AIDS group to help lift their spirits, and to pray for them. 28 messages like the one Heema wrote were returned to me this afternoon to give to the group. As I read the words these orphans wrote to the inflicted my heart melted. I didn't require anything in particular to be written. The cry for these people to value their lives in spite of the adversities they faced was a constant theme the children included in their letters. I can't wait to hand out these letters to the group. For the kindness of our God was shared through a group of kids today, and it is truly precious. Don't forget to praise the Lord who made you, loves you, and designed this day for you to know HIM. I love you all in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Do not give up                              
Live because you are alive                  
You are important and special                
There is still hope for you                  
The Lord our God will never leave you           Praise the Lord!HE made you in HIS image!     
                        We LOVE & NEED you! God LOVES you more!!!                             

The adventures that I talked about going to the rural church of Maemba. Here is the result after the rain. Yes, that is our road! haha

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